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  • Your choice of fabrics



Mini: 16cm diaper cake

Regular: 21cm diaper cake

Jumbo: 31cm diaper cake



  1. Budton Bear
  2. Zipper Pouch
  3. Bolster / Baby Belly Bag* (dual-purpose)
  4. Diapers**


*Swaddling babies on their bellies with a bag loosely filled with rice (known as the ‘rice bag’ in Chinese) is an ancient Chinese tradition and wisdom that the weight would help them rest more easily, calming and soothing them during sleep twitches/ hypnic jerks.


**Merries Diapers are included. You may opt for Pampers with an additional HK$80. You may also pick from 4 diaper sizes, ranging from

  • NB: newborn (3kg)
  • S: 0-3m (4-8kg)
  • M: 3-9m (6-11kg)
  • L: 9-18m (9-14kg)

Diaper Cake Bear Set

  • It takes 10-14 working days to make a Budton Bear upon confirmation of all production details and receipt of full payment.

    If schedule allows, we may be able to expedite your order within 5-7 working days with a 15% surcharge.