The Birth of the Brand

It all begins with love.

One day, an epiphany came

When Lillian was singing her children the belly button song and bathing them as usual, she came to realise that each of our belly button signifies love and connection, a reminder that each of us is a masterpiece created with unreserved passion, loving care and blessings. From which derives the homophonic — Bearly Budton.

Thread by thread, stitch by stitch, piece by piece...

Bearly Budton is dedicated to celebrating significant milestones in life and carrying on the love and precious memories in every relationship with a Budton Bear — a buddy of a lifetime, meaningful, uniquely-crafted.

Why is the bear faceless?

We believe that the most important thing in life, namely love, is seen not with our eyes but felt with our hearts; expressed not through what we say, but through our actions.

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Keepsake Bear

Tailor-made from uniform ties

personalised, fully-customised, tailor-made teddy bear

The Fearless

Canyoning Adventure Bear

personalised, fully-customised, tailor-made teddy bear

Meet Bob.

He is quite a character