Keepsake Bear

Tailor-made from uniform ties

This mum has a wish…

of creating a keepsake Cheering Teddy Bear custom-made with her son’s uniform ties to encourage him to never give up no matter the challenges he faces.


The trickiest part of it all was the material of the tie — that because the fabric get so easily snagged, we had to be extra careful in de-threading it. We also had very limited fabric to work with, just enough for the limbs etc., leaving no room for mistakes.

Our couturier thoughtfully put together a cute bowtie for the teddy with the remaining fabric and embroidered the bright and colorful “Never Give Up” on the belly, making this teddy truly unique and meaningful!

Step 1: Ironing the tie
Close-up of the ear
Details & Close-up of the legs
Close-up of the embroidery (Belly)
The Back
Close-up of the embroidery (Sole)

Passionately handcrafted

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